The Slow Carb Diet Works - 84% of 3500 People Lost Weight in Four Weeks

Our programs utilize the “Slow Carb Diet” made famous per Tim Ferriss’ The Four Hour Body book (get it on Amazon today if you haven’t yet).

The concept of the Slow Carb diet is simple:

  • You will burn fat by not eating foods that promote fat storage

  • You will have a low intake of carbohydrates by eating mostly vegetables, proteins, and legumes

The app and online community Lift (now, ran this diet in 2014 with 3500 people and found some interesting results. 84% of those that stuck to the plan during the 4 weeks lost weight and the average weight loss was 8.6 pounds. Also, 14% of people lost more than 14 pounds.

84% of people who stuck to the program (for 4 weeks) lost weight and the average weight loss was 8.6 pounds.

These numbers are very strong.

These results were realized by following the basic rules of the diet and not even incorporating the exercise and supplement regime we have set up in our Get Lean program. You can read more about their research here.

Here are the 5 main rules Tim Ferriss lays out in his 4HB book. Take these rules as your commandments to better health:

RULE 1: Avoid all "white" carbohydrates.

RULE 2: Eat the same few meals over and over again.

RULE 3: Do not drink calories.

RULE 4: Do not eat fruit.

RULE 5: Binge & eat anything you want one day a week.

Implementing these rules into your life will begin to move you closer towards your goals. We can help you get there faster as we built our programs on the minimum effective dose (MED) principle. The MED is defined as "the smallest dose that will produce the desired outcome."


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