4 Essential Tips Before Starting Your Journey To Get Healthy

Congrats on making that first step and committing your mind to making the change to get healthy!

While it is key to be consciously prepared to make this life change, it is an entirely different matter to literally put this into daily practice. Have no fear, you CAN and WILL do it!

In order to understand how you are progressing throughout your new routine (eg. diet, exercise, etc.), you need to be able to have a verifiable starting point.

Tracking your progress to a healthy version of you is very easily done through a few simple, yet effective ways:

1. Take your Before PHOTOS

  • Put on your bathing suit (or underwear) and get angles from your front, side, and back view of your body

    • Try to take this against a blank colored wall so you can easily take a similar after picture

    • Another great motivator is take a photo every week at the same angles and hold a piece of paper denoting the week / date. You can visually see your progress this way and keep you motivated as you see your success!

  • Get a friend to do this with you and/or share on social media for healthy competition and accountability

2. Get your MEASUREMENTS and input them in our fitness tracker

  • Schedule a body fat scan locally and get only one of the following done:

    • DEXA

    • BodPod

    • Ultrasound

      • Note: Whichever you choose, make sure you schedule the same time of scan when you decide you are done / take your after photos so you are comparing apples to apples.

  • Measure these 4 areas of your body:

    • Your legs (measure around your mid-thigh area)

    • Hips (at the widest point below your belly button)

    • Waist (measure across your belly button) 

    • Arms (measure around the middle of your bicep)

  • These measurements will be crucial in tracking your progress via our fitness tracker (only available after purchase).

3. Don’t wait - order your SUPPLEMENTS today!

  • If you do not order your natural health supplements today and push it tomorrow, you may not ever do it!

  • Even if you are ordering from Amazon Prime, it will still take a few days before it arrives.

  • Get started ASAP!

    • Once you receive the supplements, follow your Supplement Setup Instructions document (only available after purchase).

4. Save our custom GUIDE and your SCHEDULE to your devices for easy access

  • Save them to every device you own and make them easily accessible!

  • Print your custom Schedule out and put it everywhere (eg. your room, bathroom, on doors, your cubicle, your cat, etc.)

Taking these crucial steps before beginning your journey will help to ensure your success, track your progress with accurate data, and give you a solid foundation to look back on.

It will be incredible looking back at the day you took these steps in beginning your journey to a healthier, more fit version of you!

It’s time to blast off and begin!