we provide actionable plans for ENTERPRISES to get Your Employees healthier, more energetic, and ready to work.


Healthier employees will save you money as they get sick less often and are more efficient, focused, and have energy to work.

  • Custom plans for every individual on your team / in your company

  • Exercise for less than 3.5 hours total weekly

  • One weekly cheat day where you can eat anything you want

  • Guidance provided for 1 year through your team’s journey

  • Our plans are backed on science and research

  • 100% money back guarantee

  • Maximize the efficiency of the foods you intake to increase muscle gain and weight loss via the minimum effective dose (MED) principle

  • You become part of the Vitalis Family where you can connect, communicate, encourage and work on our "Get Lean" program together


What’s included?


Get Lean Schedule

Personalized to you per your responses when checking out.


Health Guide

Your overview to understanding why you do the things on the schedule.


Health Tracker

Track your progress as you go through our programs.


Supplement Setup Instructions

Guide to labeling your supplement boxes per your schedule.


100% Money back guarantee!

If you use this Program and do not get the results you want, we will refund you in full. What's to lose? Learn more on our FAQ.


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