It is time to change your life around.

Utilizing extensive research compiled from Dr. Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Terry Grossman, Tim Ferriss, Tom Brady, and others… the Get Lean program was created.

This customized schedule showcases your daily routine of simple exercises, when to take supplements to maximize weight loss and increase muscle gain, sample meal plans, life hacks, and more!


The sound data and many examples provided within these resources are incredibly enlightening in how we can achieve our bodies maximum performance and capabilities. However, there is no easy actionable guide in how to simply incorporate the concepts laid out in these books to your life. That’s where Get Lean steps in.

Your lofty health and life goals can now be attainable. By following the plan we will outline for you, it will become obvious how these changes to the way you eat, exercise, and generally live your life will truly make a lasting difference.


What’s included?


Get Lean Schedule

Personalized to you per your responses when checking out.


Health Guide

Your overview to understanding why you do the things on the schedule.


Supplement Setup Instructions

Easy setup guide to labeling your pill boxes accordingly per your schedule.


Health Tracker

Track your progress as you go through our programs. "If you can't measure it, you can't improve it." - Peter Drucker


We have incorporated the main concepts from TOP BOOKS SUCH AS “The 4-Hour Body”, “TRANSCEND”, and more to provide you an easy, actionable, and proven guide to get you fit!


Make the life choice to begin a new healthy chapter in your life and attain the goals you have always wanted to reach.


Exercise for less than 3.5 hours per week!

Excercising at specific periods throughout the day will have the most productivity for muscle gain and weight loss. You do not need to spend hours in the gym to get the same benefits as science based intervals. You can do this at home or in the office!


The questions were so easy to answer. I am excited to try the program. The use of the 4-hour workout model makes it…

Jennifer S. - Florida, USA


I'm inspired by this company. It's merging new-age tech with the frontlines of wellness. I look forward to the simplicity and…

Trevor F. - California, USA


Great product! Great new way to think about health and fitness!

Carolyn F. - California, USA


Easy to follow and I’m already feeling better just a week in so far.

Nick C. - California, USA


This like a simple straightforward plan to live a better life. I like that it is personalized for you

Colleen P. - California, USA


Straight forward and easy to understand and follow!

Raquel M. - California, USA


Vitalis Health is a great personalized program that is very organized and time efficient. Looking forward to seeing the results!

Kelly L. - California, USA


Good design, simple and consistent!

Kyle M. - Indiana, USA


This has been great! Really helping me develop healthy habits. I am loving my new body and can not wait to keep going!

Caitlyn G. - California, USA

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Here are some basic changes you will BEGIN TO see aS SOON AS the first WEEK of FOLLOWING THIS PROGRAM.

  • You will begin to track fat to muscle conversion (eg. weight loss)

  • You will feel and be stronger

  • Increase in energy and vitality

  • Time and money saved

  • And much more!


$75 $49

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Inspiration and many ideas derived from these top notch books (definitely worth buying).

Lose 20 pounds in 30 days
Radically extend your life expectancy and slow the aging process

Rethink how you exercise, train, and live
Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

Get Lean is a straightforward personalized health plan to help get you into the shape you wanT


100% Money back guarantee!

If you use this Program and do not get the results you want, we will refund you in full. What's to lose? Learn more on our FAQ.


Upon filling out the form and inputting various information from when you wake up to your favorite dessert, a custom program will be crafted for you instantly from our system so you can begin immediately.


The goal of this program is to do the least amount of work to get the most amount of gain.


Let’s recap things in one simple list:

  • Exercise for less than 3.5 hours total weekly

  • One weekly cheat day where you can eat anything you want

  • Guidance provided for 1 year through your journey

  • Our plans are backed on science and research

  • 100% money back guarantee

  • Maximize the efficiency of the foods you intake to increase muscle gain and weight loss via the minimum effective dose (MED) principle

  • You become part of the Vitalis Family where you can connect, communicate, encourage and work on our "Get Lean" program together

$75 $49

Buy now for a one-time payment.



Get your journey started today to a healthier, more fit version of you!

Still looking for more information? Feel free to peruse the list of Supplements, Food, and Exercises we utilize in this program. We have taken the most important research done by numerous experts and combined this information into a personalized and actionable plan for you!

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