This page is a collection of some things we find that are very helpful in our lives when following our programs and in general daily life. Hopefully these items will help you as well! If you have any feedback or suggestions for more items we should add, please contact us.

Exercise items

You may have lots of exercise equipment or none at all. The following items are very helpful to use in our programs, when travelling, and to have in general when doing anything else related to exercising.

Food items

We spend a lot of time around food. From preparing it to eating, it is very useful to have some good basic tools around. Meal prepping is something we suggest doing to prevent cheating on your diet, bingeing, and saving you money in the long run.

supplement items

Supplementing is one of the key components of our programs. Ensuring you give your body the right nutrients at the right time can help your body decrease fat, increase muscle, reduce inflammation, and much more! We find some of these items to be very helpful, especially when you travel. You do not want to carry all your large supplement containers with you!


While we have already linked to books throughout this site, we have added them here below as well. These are great resources that served as inspiration for our programs and are a definite must have for your collection.