Supplement Setup Instructions

Use these instructions to help you DIY in labeling your pill box containers.

You can always upgrade here to get our pre-labelled boxes.



1. Buy a minimum of 6 pill boxes

2. Order your supplements

  • Buy supplements from our suggested Amazon Prime List

  • Buy all the items together so everything will arrive around the same time

3. Label the pill boxes

  • Buy the Avery 5472 labels and then download / print the labels via the button below.

  • You do not have to buy the above labels and can use whatever you have (eg. stickers) or even something like post it tape.


4. Fill the pill boxes with your supplements

  • Be methodical and put all of one supplement into its respective slot(s) until complete. Then focus on adding a different supplement to all of the sections it should go in.

  • Use your Binge / Break day to refill your containers.